December 11, 2018 – WASHINGTON

The Farm to Fork Initiative brings together advocates who share an interest in a better food system. Today, Eric Kessler of Arabella Advisors, speaking on behalf of the Initiative, released the following statement on the 2018 Farm Bill:

“The Farm to Fork Initiative welcomes the bipartisan Farm Bill which preserves overall funding for conservation programs and funding, benefits, and eligibility for anti-hunger programs. We also appreciate that Congressional leaders are providing permanent funding for healthy food incentives and local, organic, and beginning farmer programs for the first time. And we are grateful for the final bill’s rejection of anti-environmental riders and harmful barriers to anti-hunger programs. However, no farm bill is perfect. Far more funding is needed to reward good stewardship on working lands and to provide a strong safety net for families struggling against hunger. Expanding subsidy loopholes will further tilt the playing field against the family farmers that our farm safety net should serve.”

The Farm to Fork Initiative has been working in support of the following organizations throughout the 2018 Farm Bill process. Below are their statements on the 2018 Farm Bill.